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Thinking in a deck chair- what to do with Y12 after study leave?

I’m always amused by conversations that start with someone telling me, “It’s alright for you teachers you get such long holidays!” I can’t help smiling as generally  the conversation comes to a rapid halt when I acknowledge they are right and then, after a short pause, point out that it is always possible to change professions (as I did some ten years ago now), embark on a PGCE, SCITT etc. take a cut in salary and then sit back and enjoy the long holidays! Anyway, as another half term evaporates as quickly as rain in the east of England, thoughts turn to the next seven weeks of teaching safe in the knowledge that there is yet another “long holiday” on the horizon.

In very short order Y12 students across the country will be back from their AS exams, champing at the bit, looking forward to more study and thinking about starting their UCAS applications. My Y12 students have had a great year and I have really enjoyed helping them get to grips with the Civil Rights movement in the USA (1945-1968) but I’m not so naive as to believe that, as things stand, they are all looking to continue studying history next year. It’s also inevitable that even the most motivated students will start to run out of steam ahead of their own well earned rest come the end of July. However I expect that along with many other teachers I’m looking to start elements of our A2 course and to steal a march on the pressures on time that will, in the normal course of things, develop during Y13. So what’s on the menu to keep the students engaged and making the most of the remaining weeks?