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3-D History – Active Revision with Playmobil

It is that time of year again when we’re scratching our heads trying to think of something different to do with revision classes. Well why not get a bit creative, raid the toy cupboard and see what you can find … Continue reading

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Using sporting analogies to improve essay writing at GCSE – insanity?

It must be something about the way I learn I suppose but I find myself routinely using analogies of one kind or another in my teaching. Indeed I sometimes catch my VI formers rolling their eyes as I cough up … Continue reading

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Thinking in a deck chair- what to do with Y12 after study leave?

I’m always amused by conversations that start with someone telling me, “It’s alright for you teachers you get such long holidays!” I can’t help smiling as generally  the conversation comes to a rapid halt when I acknowledge they are right … Continue reading

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Sharing Resources

After saying I’d put up some of the pictures and resources for the History Games post I’ve been wondering how on earth to do it efficiently. So I was really chuffed when, while browsing the widgets available, I found BoxNet! … Continue reading

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