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3-D History – Active Revision with Playmobil

It is that time of year again when we’re scratching our heads trying to think of something different to do with revision classes. Well why not get a bit creative, raid the toy cupboard and see what you can find that is relevant to your schemes of work?


Using sporting analogies to improve essay writing at GCSE – insanity?

It must be something about the way I learn I suppose but I find myself routinely using analogies of one kind or another in my teaching. Indeed I sometimes catch my VI formers rolling their eyes as I cough up yet another possibly spur of the moment offering – they are very patient! Anyway they are sitting their final paper tomorrow and will not have to put up with my madness any longer. Not so fortunate are my Y11 class who have recently completed one paper and have their final exam in a couple of weeks time. We have one more revision day, yes a whole day, in which to polish their skills. We have already done a good revision programme with the pupils so my partner in crime and I are busy planning a series of activities for our last day with them to get over some key points in a memorable fashion, after all, familiarity breeds contempt. One of the activities I have up my sleeve involves Playmobil figures and blindfolds but more of that in another post in the near future. For now I thought I’d share a Prezi that I’m going to use (in a slightly modified format) when we talk about essay writing skills.

I’ve had real trouble trying to embed the presentation so for the time being I’m afraid a link is the best I can do. However I’ll pop the presentation on here when I crack the problem!

Link to Prezi