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After saying I’d put up some of the pictures and resources for the History Games post I’ve been wondering how on earth to do it efficiently. So I was really chuffed when, while browsing the widgets available, I found BoxNet! You should be able to get some of the resources for the Welcome to Ostia activity and I’ve also added something that could be useful for hard working GCSE/GCE pupils. More to follow….fingers crossed it works. Comment please if any problems.

By richmiller66

My name is Richard Miller. I am currently an Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development) at a secondary school in Suffolk, UK. I teach history, citizenship, sociology and cultural capital for pupils aged 11-18. I am particularly interested in teaching more able pupils and looking for innovative and creative approaches to learning and teaching. I use the blog as my reflective journal - the views I share are 'work in progress'!

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